Visiting Edgemont
Visiting any church for the very first time can be a tough experience. Well, we want to put you at ease. We want your first visit to Edgemont to be refreshing, friendly, and enjoyable for your whole family. We want you to experience inspiring music, helpful teaching and preaching, friendly people, and a place where you feel welcome and “at home”!
Here are a few answers to your questions and what you might expect on your first visit.
What is a typical service like?

 From the time that you pull into our parking area, you’ll find friendly people to make your first visit one that helps encourage you to return. When you enter the doors our greeters will guide you and answer any questions that you have. As you enter the auditorium, our greeters and ushers will welcome you, provide a bulletin for you, and answer any questions you might have about our service. Each service starts out with worship music. Most of the congregation will stand at that time, however, there is complete freedom to be seated if you prefer. The words of all of the songs are projected onto a screen at the front of the sanctuary. Our hope is that you’ll hear songs you know or can relate to, even if you haven’t been to church in years. 

As our guest, we only ask that you take a few moments to complete our the Register which is found attached to our weekly bulletin. The Register is used to help us get to know you a bit. It is a place where you can request information, ask for prayer, let us know your thoughts, or just indicate your presence with us. In any case, we use it to pray for you during the week. You won’t be asked to stand or raise your hand (or anything else embarrassing) just because you’re new. 

What is required for membership?

To be a member of Edgemont you must first be saved and then baptized in a church of like-faith. You will then be invited to attend a new members class with Pastor Jimmy West. This will be a time to get to know your pastor and to understand more about the purpose and function of our church.
What is the church’s approach to financial giving?
We choose to occasionally preach and teach what God’s Word says about Christian stewardship and giving. How you respond to that teaching is a heart issue between you and the Lord. The only times you will be contacted about your giving is either when you request it, or when you receive your annual giving statement summary.
Where do I take my children?
Starting with our nursery, there is something special for every age group. At every service there are safe and clean nurseries for children three years old and under. For children four years old through sixth grade there are fun, friendly, and Bible-centered classes. These classes are staffed with trained, friendly, and well-qualified teachers and helpers who will make church exciting and memorable for your child.
What about my teens?
Most of the teens attend a class for one hour and then a worship service another hour with their parents. The Teens also meet Sunday evening as well as on Wednesday nights.
How should I dress?
There is not a dress code at Edgemont for members or guests. Our ministry leaders and many of our church family dress in more traditional “Sunday” dress; however, our main goal is that you would feel welcome and comfortable on your visit here at Edgemont Baptist Church!
Other questions?
If there’s something we missed on this list, just give us a call, or ask someone when you arrive. Whether you’re new to the area and looking for a church home, or if it’s been a long time since you’ve attended church at all, we hope your first visit at Edgemont will be awesome! We exist to serve you and your family, and we are looking forward to meeting you personally. We hope you’ll feel right at home from the very first moment you step onto the property! Let us know how we can serve you better, and we hope to meet you this Sunday!